Follow your passion. FIMRC does not dictate site placement, so you are able to select and enroll in the program that inspires you.

Flexibility.  Our sites are open year-round and we work with volunteers at all times of the year.  Rather than only opening volunteer programs during specific weeks, you are able to craft your experience around your dates of availability!

Programs that fit your interests. Our diverse volunteer programs provide several options for international service. Our Global Health Volunteer Program (GHVP) is ideal for those interested in more short-term experiences such as alternative spring, summer, or winter breaks. The two Summer International Health Fellowship sessions (SIHF) in El Salvador and Peru are a perfect fit for those looking for an intensive daily clinical experience and the opportunity to view an underserved population from within.  Through our Comparative Healthcare Immersion Rotation Program (CHIRP), medical school students complete electives that complement time in the clinic and community setting with a structured curriculum.  We also are happy to tailor any volunteer program to your specific interests!

Compassion is a universal language. There are no language requirements to volunteer at any of our sites.

Perspective for your professional career.  Many of our volunteers go on to enroll in medical school, physician assistant and nursing programs, and other professional degrees.  Often, they find that their volunteer experience is a point of interest during application interviews and provides them with a global background in the classroom. Medical professionals also appreciate our volunteer programs as an opportunity for professional development.

Empty your preconceptions, not your wallet. FIMRC is proud to offer program costs that sustain our eight international sites while remaining at or below similar organizations’ costs.

It has been a life dream/goal to volunteer and do medical mission work in Africa. After researching several different organizations, interviewing with some, and receiving information, FIMRC was the perfect fit and everything I was looking for. The freedom to choose your time commitment was a huge incentive. As a pediatric nurse, the opportunity to work with children was highly appealing to me. The opportunity to not only provide hands on care, but to educate children and families for care in the future is the biggest appeal to me. Knowing that I will have the chance to be an integral part of planning and implementing for education initiatives that will be kept in place after we live is one of the biggest reasons I have chosen to volunteer through FIMRC. -
Lyndsay Webb
Project Bumwalukani, Summer 2011