Program Donation Information

FIMRC Program Donation Information

In order to travel on a medical mission trip with FIMRC’s Global Health Volunteer Program, a program donation is due from each participant. Please see the individual project pages of our website for more details on costs, as the program donation rate depends entirely upon where and when during the year you are traveling.

FIMRC operates on an innovative model of financial sustainability supported by Global Health Volunteers’ program donations. As our volunteer program grows, so does the reach of our medical projects worldwide. Clinic sites are directly funded by program donations, so when you arrive on site, you will see firsthand the result of your contributions. Program donations are used to support not just one, but all our project sites. For example, a program donation for a volunteer mission trip to Peru may go not only toward our fund for Project Peru, but also to our clinic site in Uganda and our preventative health outreach initiatives in El Salvador. If you would like to speak to a team member directly regarding the specific allocation of your funds, please do not hesitate to contact us. In the spirit of transparency we are committed to sharing all available information to donors or volunteers interested in learning more.   

The program donation rates have been set with much consideration for the many expenses incurred through running an international volunteer program. The program donation covers a variety of items vital to the operation of FIMRC. First and foremost, the vast majority of donation money goes into the projects directly. It is with this money that the clinics are stocked with pharmaceuticals and supplies, the physician, nurse, and local health professionals are compensated, the clinic’s utilities and other bills are covered, and the many other costs associated with running a clinic are covered. Secondly, a portion of the program donation goes towards volunteer coordination. This includes pre-departure logistical costs, coordinator costs, and the on-site costs of arranging your mission, including field staff visits to neighboring medical facilities to arrange observation opportunities, to schools to arrange health education, costs associated with arranging volunteer logistics and accommodations, and the considerable phone and internet time necessary to work with FIMRC’s Headquarters office to ensure a properly coordinated mission. Third, the program donation covers all housing, food (see project site for more information on which meals are included), and in-country transportation directly related to work-related activities. Finally, your program donation funds the operations of FIMRC’s Headquarters, including staffing costs for stateside volunteer coordinators, administrative costs, and office supplies. It is also important to note that the program donation does not include airfare or travel insurance.

While the needs of our international medical projects preclude our ability to provide discounts to all who request them, we are able to make considerations for volunteers staying for periods of 4 weeks or more.

Due to FIMRC's sustainability model, all program donations are non-refundable.