The Needs of the Community

Following the success of its projects in India and Costa Rica, FIMRC has partnered with the Arlington Academy of Hope ( to establish a health clinic serving the community of Bumwalukani, Uganda. The Arlington Academy of Hope (AAH) is a nonprofit organization aimed at enriching the lives of children in rural Uganda by providing access to high quality, well-rounded education within their village communities. Such education is dependent upon the health of its students and teachers, and the partnership initially provided the opportunity for FIMRC to administer basic healthcare to the 300 hundred students and teachers that attend the school, as well as serve the needs of the surrounding region.

Although the clinic was constructed in an effort to meet the health and nutritional needs of the school, the severe lack of medical care in the surrounding region makes the clinic an essential resource for the community at large. FIMRC therefore expanded services and now runs the clinic to serve not only school children, but more 14 communities in the area, including Bumwalukani.  Project Bumwalukani is a star model of FIMRC's approach to healthcare in the developing world.

Standing at the foot of Mount Elgon, 150 miles east of the bustling capital city of Kampala, which, according to the Ministry of Health, has the highest prevalence of HIV infection in Uganda, the dispersed rural communities around the clinic are comprised of approximately 10,000 to 15,000 inhabitants with an average annual income of 200 dollars. 

As a result of scarce access to medical facilities in the area, FIMRC's Project Bumwalukani sees more than one hundred patients daily. The most rampant medical issues plaguing this population are readily treatable with preventative measures, education initiatives and continuous healthcare monitoring. FIMRC works with local partner organizations, local Community Health Educators trained by FIMRC and a large clinic staff to meet the needs of the Bumwalukani clinic, school and outlying communities.