Huancayo, Peru

The Needs of the Community

Located in Peru’s central highlands, Huancayo is a culturally vibrant city surrounded by small artisan towns. Its hiking trails and nightlife make it a popular destination for visitors. It is rich in Andean culture and has a more heavily native population than the more pan-Latino coast. Despite the rich culture and tourism opportunities, a large portion of the population still lives in poverty. The most common health issues in Huancayo are a direct result of the lack of access to clean water, sanitary living conditions and proper nutrition.

Peru’s medical facilities are critically understaffed and underfunded, and many medical establishments struggle to provide even basic medical care to the people they serve. The hospitals are overburdened with patients, many of whom have illnesses preventable by basic hygiene and healthy living practices. The doctors in these hospitals lack the time and resources to teach each patient how to live a healthy life. In Huancayo, FIMRC strives to form partnerships with hospitals, orphanages and other local organizations that are effected by a lack of resources and oversaturated medical system.
The goal of FIMRC in Peru is to provide a unique perspective into the medical system, as well as provide unique education opportunities to different populations and institutions. As a result, Huancayo is unique in that volunteers will gain exposure to public hospitals and clinics rather than a FIMRC clinic, offering a unique glimpse into systems of medicine vastly different from those in the US. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to support orphanages and smaller government clinics on health education initiatives and addressing issues that are otherwise ignored, such as dental health.

*Please note that a volunteer’s level of training will determine the extent of involvement in medical activities.