Project Limón, Nicaragua


In Limón, severe poverty and limited infrastructure are two barriers that stand between the community and basic health care. Frequent ailments included upper respiratory infections, diarrhea, parasites, and the common cold. In conjunction with local and private health care facilities and the FIMRC-run pediatric health clinic, children gain access to the care and attention they deserve. FIMRC Ambassadors/Fellows will be challenged to contribute to the clinic's efforts with their own holistic approach to community development projects.

Mentor/Staff Support:

Ambassadors/Fellows will partner with the Field Operations Manager and/or a local Health Promoter in project development and implementation.


Ambassadors/Fellows are expected to be present during clinic hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Housing and Transportation:

Project Limón offers three different housing options. Ambassadors/Fellows can stay at The Surf Sanctuary, home to short-term Global Health Volunteers, in a small local hostel named Las Tortugas, or with a Nicaraguan family.  The homestay is more immersive and cost-effective. The various modes of transportation for Ambassadors/Fellows are bicycles, buses, or walking.


Details are available upon request during the recruitment process.

Visa Requirements:

FIMRC Nicaragua Ambassadors/Fellows work on 90 day tourist visas available at the airport upon arrival for a price of $5. There are different options to renew a visa for Ambassadors/Fellows that are on site beyond 90 days.  The Field Operations Manager will facilitate this process in country. If Ambassadors/Fellows are not U.S. passport holders, they are responsible for obtaining a visa before departure.

Past Projects:

  • Dental health program including comprehensive health education sessions, disbursement of necessary materials, and promotion of dental services in a local clinic.
  • Research and development of the Kids in Focus preventative health program in local schools, aimed at improving baseline health in school aged children.
  • First aid training to youth in the community.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and family planning for adolescents susceptible to STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

Featured Ambassador

Gieric Laput first became involved with FIMRC in December 2008 when he volunteered as a Global Health Volunteer at the Las Delicias clinic. His loyalty to FIMRC’s mission continued in 2009 with a trip to Project Alajuelita under the Global Health Volunteer Program. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a major in Biochemistry and minors in Health Policy Studies and Art History, Gieric once again looked towards FIMRC to put his multiple talents and interests to use, applying for a position as a FIMRC Ambassador. Gieric’s interest in art as a medium for youth and community development earned him a spot on Team El Salvador, where he served as an Ambassador from May to July 2010. Gieric is currently preparing for medical school and is also involved with Beyond Basics, a non-profit organization that offers art and literacy enrichment programs to children attending Detroit public schools.

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