Project Bumwalukani, Uganda


Project Bumwalukani is a model for FIMRC strategy in the developing world, supplementing the lasting work done by short-term volunteers with the long-term investment of community involvement to create sustainable change beyond the clinic. FIMRC's clinic in Bumwalukani was originally constructed to meet the health and nutritional needs of its partner, the Arlington Academy of Hope (AAH). However, due to the severe lack of access to medical facilities in the area, the clinic serves patients from many surrounding villages in a wide geographical area, with approximately 75-150 patients seen daily and 1,000 patients of all ages seen each month. Challenges are varied and many; intermittent power, rudimentary roads, poor infrastructure, limited access to healthcare, rote education, and geographic isolation. FIMRC Ambassadors/Fellows will be challenged to contribute to the clinic's efforts with their own holistic approach to community development projects.

Mentor/Staff Support:

Ambassadors/Fellows will partner with the Clinic Officer, the Field Operations Manager, and local Clinic and Outreach Staff in project development and implementation.


Ambassadors/Fellows are expected to be present during clinic hours, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. The clinic is also open on Saturdays and Ambassadors/Fellows are welcome to work on Saturday if not enjoying other activities.

Housing and Transportation:

Project Bumwalukani provides comfortable living quarters at the Volunteer Guest House which features a common living area for eating, sitting, relaxing, and socializing; sheets and towels; flush toilets and cold-water showers (when water is available); a pit latrine and bathing shelter for bucket baths; dormitory-style bedrooms with mosquito nets on all beds; and books and games. Three meals a day are also included.


Details are available upon request during the recruitment process.

Visa Requirements:

Visas can be obtained beforehand from the Ugandan Embassy, but it is also possible to obtain visas at the airport in Entebbe upon arrival for a cost of $50.00. If Ambassadors/Fellows are not U.S. passport holders, they are responsible for obtaining a visa before departure.

Past Projects:

  • Working with a Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Counselor to create a program for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC); trained adult community members called "Guardians" to ensure the HIV+ OVCs are attending clinic appointments, getting/taking HIV medications, attending school, and eating well.   HIV education programming at the children's schools (conducted in a way that preserves the OVC's HIV status confidential) and ongoing education for the OVCs and Guardians is another component.
  • Creating a VCT program report and proposal to be used by FIMRC when soliciting support and illustrating programs to partner organizations in Uganda and the US.
  • Creating outreach material to expand the reach of Project Bumwalukani.
  • Painting Arlington Academy of Hope library through mobilizing student body to create and paint murals.

Featured Ambassador

Gieric Laput first became involved with FIMRC in December 2008 when he volunteered as a Global Health Volunteer at the Las Delicias clinic. His loyalty to FIMRC’s mission continued in 2009 with a trip to Project Alajuelita under the Global Health Volunteer Program. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a major in Biochemistry and minors in Health Policy Studies and Art History, Gieric once again looked towards FIMRC to put his multiple talents and interests to use, applying for a position as a FIMRC Ambassador. Gieric’s interest in art as a medium for youth and community development earned him a spot on Team El Salvador, where he served as an Ambassador from May to July 2010. Gieric is currently preparing for medical school and is also involved with Beyond Basics, a non-profit organization that offers art and literacy enrichment programs to children attending Detroit public schools.

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