Global Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA


Ambassadors/Fellows are expected to integrate into the fast paced HQ environment to further FIMRC's mission of improving global health for all children. Orientation to the exciting and multifaceted work of an international nonprofit organization is included and based on an Ambassador's/Fellow's demonstrated skills and interests. A passion for FIMRC's mission, professionalism, excellent communication skills, email/phone etiquette, and the ability to multitask with minimal direction and supervision are crucial. Ambassadors/Fellows are awarded a title that indicates the focus of their support:

  • Data Analyst Ambassador/Fellow, whose primary projects include marketing, finance, project development, and research
  • Global Health Ambassador/Fellow, whose primary projects include remote support of international project staff, programming, and monitoring & evaluation
  • Marketing and Outreach Ambassador/Fellow, whose primary projects include volunteer recruitment and coordination and outreach
  • Public Relations Ambassador/Fellow, whose primary projects include FIMRC's social media footprint, website development, and campus/community outreach events and professional training workshops
  • Project Development Ambassador/Fellow, whose primary projects include monetary/in-kind donation management and grant writing

Mentor/Staff Support:

HQ Ambassadors/Fellows work directly with HQ Staff to support and improve FIMRC's global operations.


HQ Ambassadors/Fellows are expected to dedicate 15 to 20 hours a week but can work as much as 40 hours per week depending on availability.

Housing and Transportation:

Ambassadors/Fellows are responsible for arranging their own housing and transportation.


There are no program fees associated with the Ambassador and Fellowship Programs at HQ. However, Ambassadors/Fellows are responsible for covering all associated costs such as food, housing, and transport.

Past Projects:

Past HQ Ambassador/Fellow projects have included:

  • Developing a framework and timeline for FIMRC's membership campaign
  • Creating promotional documents to maximize donor contributions
  • Working alongside FIMRC Global Health Volunteer Program staff to increase volunteer recruitment
  • Providing grant writing support in identifying prospects and preparing proposals
  • Researching and compiling public health data to support FIMRC's Micro Health Insurance Program
  • Working with college/university chapters to establish and develop their membership
  • Planning fundraising and outreach events

International Project Sites

From de-stigmatizing HIV/AIDS in rural Uganda to teaching illiterate Nicaraguans living in Costa Rica about nutrition, each international site presents its own unique challenges. Through it all, FIMRC Ambassadors/Fellows must maintain a positive attitude and be committed to effecting positive social change. Excellent communication and teamwork skills, a high comfort level with international travel, and the ability to work efficiently in an intercultural setting are essential. Click on the country of interest for an in-depth description of what Ambassadors/Fellows take on.

Project Alajuelita Costa Rica

Project Bumwalukani Uganda

Project Kodaikanal

Project Las Delicias El Salvador

Project Limón Nicaragua

Project Peru

Featured Ambassador

Gieric Laput first became involved with FIMRC in December 2008 when he volunteered as a Global Health Volunteer at the Las Delicias clinic. His loyalty to FIMRC’s mission continued in 2009 with a trip to Project Alajuelita under the Global Health Volunteer Program. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2010 with a major in Biochemistry and minors in Health Policy Studies and Art History, Gieric once again looked towards FIMRC to put his multiple talents and interests to use, applying for a position as a FIMRC Ambassador. Gieric’s interest in art as a medium for youth and community development earned him a spot on Team El Salvador, where he served as an Ambassador from May to July 2010. Gieric is currently preparing for medical school and is also involved with Beyond Basics, a non-profit organization that offers art and literacy enrichment programs to children attending Detroit public schools.

Please click here for a closer look at Gieric's exciting and innovative work!