Chaptership Program

Chapters lie at the heart of FIMRC’s mission to provide medical care to children worldwide.  Our ever-expanding Chaptership network extends across the United States and internationally.  FIMRC chapters play a number of vital roles including raising funds for special medical projects, coordinating volunteer groups to travel to our clinic sites, raising awareness of public health, and providing service in their own communities.  Through their efforts, chapters small and large have directly contributed to the health of thousands of children worldwide. 

A chapter is made up of students or other individuals committed to serving as FIMRC’s voice in their region.  Each chapter is established by a group of officers who lead their peers in service projects which may include holding fundraisers, conducting donation drives, or coordinating community service events.  Through our Global Health Volunteer Program, chapter members may travel to our medical sites individually or in groups, providing hands-on assistance to our field staff.  Chapter members gain invaluable experience working alongside health professionals, providing health education to international communities, and forming unforgettable bonds, memories, and skills that last a lifetime.

Each chapter offers exceptional and unique means of carrying out FIMRC’s mission.  Chapters exist at colleges, universities, medical schools, pharmacy schools, high schools, as well as in wider communities.  Follow the links at left to read about their accomplishments and to see if a chapter exists on your campus or in your community!

If you are interested in starting a new chapter, please follow the link below.  Establishing a chapter of FIMRC is a rewarding process that requires commitment and dedication.  A chapter finds its strength in the teamwork of many individuals. As a chapter founder, you will serve as the driving force behind a new and exciting addition to FIMRC’s family.

Wherever there is a group of people committed to fulfilling FIMRC’s mission at home and around the world, a chapter can thrive!

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