Chapter Awards

Every chapter makes a difference in its own unique way, but some truly stand out as exceptional contributors to FIMRC’s mission. FIMRC is proud to recognize the achievements of outstanding chapters with Chaptership Awards. Award recipients are selected by FIMRC Headquarters staff and Board of Directors at the end of each semester and academic year. Awards are granted based on chapter accomplishments, level of dedication, and quality of communication with FIMRC’s Headquarters. We thank the following chapters for their tireless efforts – they are truly an inspiration!

Chapter of the Semester, Fall 2009: Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Tech earned the Chapter of the Semester award through their incredibly strong showing at our volunteering sites abroad. We were thrilled to host 24 chapter members across 3 sites during a single week in December. Georgia Tech has been a strong chapter for many years; their members have contributed in many capacities through mission trips, fundraising activities, and community service. They finished their semester strong by getting a head start on planning simultaneous spring break mission trips to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The progress FIMRC has made as an organization would not be possible without the dedication of chapters like theirs. Thank you, Georgia Tech chapter!

Chapter of the Year 2008/2009: Rutgers University
Rutgers is one of our leaders in recruiting Global Health Volunteers to travel to our international sites and have sent three separate groups in the past year.  They recently extended their helping spirit to raise $1000 for FIMRC’s site in India in collaboration with another student group on campus.  At home, chapter members represented FIMRC by volunteering at a children’s hospital, a nursing home, and a soup kitchen.  The chapter’s president is currently living in Nicaragua for the summer with FIMRC’s prestigious Ambassador Program.  Rutgers chapter, thank you for your hard work!

Chapter of the Semester, Spring 2009: University of California – San Diego
UCSD is one of our largest and most accomplished chapters. Through fundraising activities including bake sales and a basketball tournament, the chapter raised enough money this year to send 11 chapter members to volunteer at FIMRC’s clinic site in Agallpampa, Peru.  They have also organized day trips to Tijuana to volunteer at an orphanage, providing health education to underserved children.  They recently hosted a Children’s Health Awareness Day featuring a campus festival and lecture series featuring physicians, nonprofit professionals, and senior members of FIMRC’s Headquarters team.   UCSD chapter, thank you for your dedication!

Chapter of the Semester, Fall 2008: University of Michigan
The University of Michigan chapter has been one of our most active and accomplished chapters, and we’re pleased to recognize them with this award.  Building upon their previous success as Chapter of the Year 2007/2008, they accomplished an incredible amount of fundraising and volunteering in the fall semester. Most notably, they raised nearly $6,000 for the purchase of clean water filters for families in El Salvador. In addition, they raised $600 for the purchase of an ultrasound machine for FIMRC’s partnering hospital in Peru, raised over $500 for the purchase of medical supplies for FIMRC’s clinic in El Salvador, and volunteered locally at community centers near campus. Their success was made possible through their impressive creativity in fundraising, which included auctioning donated test preparation courses and collecting donations from tailgaters at home football games.

Chapter of the Year 2007/2008: University of Michigan
We are delighted to recognize FIMRC-UM with our Chapter of the Year Award, as they’ve had a wonderful impact on FIMRC’s work!  Nine chapter members traveled to our site El Salvador this March as our inaugural volunteer group for Project Las Delicias.  Prior to the trip, the chapter had secured donations of water filtration systems, and once in El Salvador, pioneered a clean water project for families served by our clinic.  The group distributed the filters to homes in the community and held education sessions to ensure their proper use.  FIMRC-UM has been very active at home as well, having held benefit fundraiser nights and a silent auction at their school to raise money for FIMRC.  Chapter members have also volunteered locally at a soup kitchen, a children’s hospital, and a children’s community center.  The FIMRC office would like to recognize and commend FIMRC-UM for all its hard work and dedication! 

Chapter of the Semester, Spring 2008: University of California – San Diego
Following their commendable commitment to sending volunteer groups to our site in Costa Rica in the fall of 2007, the UCSD chapter organized the largest volunteer group hosted to date at our site in Peru!  Their commitment to our volunteer program has sustained itself impressively, as they have already organized a group of 38 to travel to our site in El Salvador over two weeks in September 2008.  They were also busy at home in San Diego, working hard to organize campus events for Children’s Health Awareness Day. They also held a regional FIMRC Chapter Conference along with the University of California-Irvine chapter. FIMRC-UCSD, congratulations and thank you on behalf of our entire team for your efforts!

Chapter of the Semester, Fall 2007: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
We are pleased to present University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with their well-deserved award as Chapter of the Semester Fall 2007! We are continually impressed with the chapter’s commitment to FIMRC’s mission and vision. The UIUC chapter has maintained exemplary communication with FIMRC’s Headquarters and has made an admirable impact on our global clinic operations by organizing large groups of volunteers to travel during their winter break. We are incredibly grateful to the UIUC chapter for making a difference in the lives of children around the world!

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