Abdul Weanga

Community Health Educators: Abdul Weanga

Descripción: DSCN3845Birthday: 1964

Home Village: Shikholo village, Bumwalukani parish

Family: Lives with his wife, 4 sons, and 5 daughters

Activities: Young men and women’s group leader, community outreaches, home-based care for HIV-positive individuals, drama group member

Why did you decide to become a Community Health Educator?
I wanted to become a Community Health Educator to help my community with health issues. Many people in my community are often sick and they are afraid to go to the clinic. I wanted to learn how to give my people first aid and educate them about health issues so that they would know when to go to the clinic.

What health challenges do you see in your community?
These days, people do not know how to prevent their illnesses, so people are often sick. People also refuse to come for testing for HIV, so many people do not know their status. Other people are taking some time to change their behavior to live healthy lives. Sanitation and hygiene has been a big problem, but things are slowly improving with the work of the health educators.

What are your goals as a Community Health Educator?
For me my goals are to see less sickness in the community, and I want everyone to know how to prevent illness. I want to see many people going to get tested for HIV so that know their status and can protect themselves and others. I also hope that improving health will help people in my community to develop economically.