About the Community Health Educators Program

Project Bumwalukani’s Community Health Educators program was started in June, 2009, when the project’s Health Outreach Coordinator Wilson Masawi and Peace Corps Volunteer Karine Nankam organized volunteers from the local community who were interested in helping to address health concerns in and around Bumwalukani. 16 volunteers were trained over two weeks in a variety of health topics including HIV/AIDS, hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, family planning, first aid, and wound care.

The Community Health Educators program was developed using the “Village Health Team (VHT)” model promoted by the Ugandan Ministry of Health as a part of the Health Sector Strategic Plan for 2006 – 2010 1. As of 2005, it was estimated that only 49% of Ugandan households had access to basic health services; in this context, Village Health Teams were designed to bridge the gap between individuals and the health care system 2. The Community Health Educators program has expanded on the VHT model, playing a crucial role in promoting health education, preventative health care, and psychosocial support to residents of their communities.